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Washington Highpoint - Mount Rainier - 14411 ft

8 Aug 2013, 6:45 am. Highpoint #42.

Me on the summit. Note longhorn duct tape on ice axe handle.

Looking down on the crater from Columbia Crest.

On the way to Ashford for the third try, I spent four days in Colorado to warm-up and adjust to high altitude. I thought this worked out very well.

20 Sep 2003 sightseeing.
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Mount Rainier is the high point in the state of Washington, and the most difficult 14er in the lower 48 states.  Eric Stager and I did not make any attempt to climb the peak, but instead tried an easy 5 mile round trip hike from Sunrise Lodge to Burroughs Mountain and back.  Unfortunately, we didn't remember the directions right, and ended up with about an 11 mile hike, with some very steep descending, just barely getting back to the car before it got dark.  The incredible views made this well worth while.  Mount Rainier is extremely impressive to look at.

Mount Rainier, from near Sunrise Lodge.

Little Tahoma Peak.  This is a neat looking sub-peak along one of the ridges coming off of Rainier.

Sunset at Sunrise Lodge, right after we returned from the hike.