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Fall 2003 Trip to the Pacific Northwest

Vancouver, Canada

The first stop on our trip was Vancouver, Canada.  Our hotel (the Sylvia) was near Stanley Park, which began as a military reserve in 1863 in response to aggression by the USA.  The walk all the way around the park is about 10 km.

Yachts and apartment buildings (not cheap!) near Stanley Park.  The many green glass towers give the city an interesting and distinctive appearance.

Stanley Park has a nice collection of totem poles.

Some colorful flowers in Stanley Park.

A hungry sea-gull, with an unfortunate starfish.

Sunset over English Bay, right by our hotel.  We had a nice conversation with a older local woman, who could not understand how I could live in Texas and not own a pair of cowboy boots.  After all, they make you look like a Real Man, eh!!

A large display of elemental sulfur north of Stanley Park.

Nice rainbow, seen while walking around Vancouver.

Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia

This is near Whistler, about an hour north of Vancouver.  We hiked to Garibaldi Lake and back.

Mount Rainier, Washington

Mount Rainier is the high point in the state of Washington, and the most difficult 14er in the lower 48 states.  We did not make any attempt to climb the peak, but instead tried an easy 5 mile round trip hike from Sunrise Lodge to Burroughs Mountain and back.  Unfortunately, we didn't remember the directions right, and ended up with about an 11 mile hike, with some very steep descending, just barely getting back to the car before it got dark.  The incredible views made this well worth while.  Mount Rainier is extremely impressive to look at.

Mount Rainier, from near Sunrise Lodge.

Little Tahoma Peak.  This is a neat looking sub-peak along one of the ridges coming off of Rainier.

Sunset at Sunrise Lodge, right after we returned from the hike.

While we were in Seattle, we watched the Texas Longhorns soccer team play a couple of games.  Amy Burlingham, Kelly McDonald and Nikki Thaden provided us with this nice sequence of play against Washington.

Our gracious host while staying in Seattle.

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