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Nebraska Highpoint - Panorama Point - 5424 ft

22 May 2003, afternoon.  Highpoint #5.
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Later in the day, after bagging Mount Sunflower, Kansas, Tom Buckley and I ascended Panorama Point, Nebraska.  The approach to this highpoint was similar to Sunflower, namely about a 30 mile drive over unpaved roads to a small hill.  Again, we stopped the car at the last intersection, and walked the final quarter-mile or so to the summit.  I didn't think that this highpoint had the charm that Sunflower did.  There was a desk at the top, with the register in a drawer.  The desk was rusty, and my first impression was that this was a piece of trash dumped on the highpoint.  Still, it was one more highpoint to check off the list.

We got back in the car, and continued on to Longmont, CO, where we joined Jim Buckley for some travels in Colorado, where we climbed that state's highpoint.

Summit marker.

Me (left) and Tom Buckley (right) on the summit.

(Photos by Tom Buckley)


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