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Mississippi Highpoint - Woodall Mountain - 806 ft

29 Nov 2004, around 5pm.  Highpoint #10.
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After some confusion in locating the roads (Fairground road, CR-187, intersects SR-25 twice, and this pointed me wrong), I found the intersection of CR-176 and CR-185.  (CR-185 might not have been marked as such, but did mention Woodall Mountain.)  I walked a mile or so along unpaved CR-185 to the summit, right as the sun was setting.  I should have been wearing my blaze orange for this walk:  The woods along the road are marked for the Tombigbee Hunting Club, and I head some gunshots as I was walking back to my car as dusk.  (How much faith should I have that the Mississippi good-ole boys could tell me apart from a deer?)  There was some trash dumped alongside the road, and the top has an antennae farm.  I couldn't see much from the top, with the light fading, but it is possible to see three different states if you look in the right direction.  Distance of 2 miles round-trip, elevation gain 186 ft.

This highpoint was the site of a Civil War battle, although there are no signs that indicate this.  On the drive through Mississippi, I followed the Natchez Trace Parkway, now a pretty two lane road with no trucks, which has been a road of some sort for many centuries.  There seemed to be several interesting stops along the parkway, nature trails as well as places you could see the old trails, but I wanted to get to Woodall Mountain by sunset so I couldn't stop much.

Antenna on the summit.

Twilight views from the summit.

Older segments of the Natchez Trace, just off the modern road.