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Baja California (Norte) Highpoint - Picacho del Diablo - c. 3100 m (10170 ft)
Summit NOT reached!!

A very intriguing and difficult highpoint. - Mountain of the Devil, ADVENTURE HIKES AND CANYONEERING IN THE SOUTHWEST Christopher Earls Brennen.  According to this hike description,

The highest mountain in Baja California, Mexico, is a legendary peak known to the locals and all who attempt to scale her awesome walls as ``El Picacho del Diablo'' or ``The Mountain of the Devil''. While the official name according to the Mexican government is ``Cerro de la Encantada (The Mountain of the Enchanted)'' and the mountain was known to some for many years as ``La Providencia (The Providence)'' the name, El Picacho del Diablo, seems so appropriate to all who have walked in its shadow that it is doubtful that it will ever be known by any other name.

* Hiking time: 4 days or more
* Estimated hiking distance: 24 miles using approach from east, 14 miles from west
* Elevation gain: 8200 feet using approach from east, 5700 feet from west
* Topo Map: ``Parque Nacional San Pedro Martir (San Pedro Martir National Park) including Picacho del Diablo'', map by Jerry Schad, published by Centra Publications. (See also trail maps in ``Camping and Climbing in Baja'' by John Robinson and ``The Baja Adventure Book'' by Walt Peterson.)
* Difficulties: Much rough bouldering and route finding, a little rope climbing
* Special equipment: 100ft of rope or webbing

2 unnamed points 3.8 km north of Cerros la Botella Azul (named Cerro de la Encantada or Picacho del Diablo on other maps) (Andy Martin, 1991.)  These are two sub-summits of the peak. - SummitPost trip report

PeakBagger,, confirms this, listing 3100 m, 10171 ft, at 30 59' N; 115 22' W.

References - Mountain of the Devil, Christopher Earls Brennen. - Andy Martin's list.