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Idaho Highpoint - Borah Peak - 12662 ft
Summit NOT reached!!

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Comments from reading trip reports: The initial steep hike in woods section - Ass-pain to descend, mosquitos, trail builders had never heard of switchbacks :) Campsites on the trail are weak. (Back at the car is great though.) Chicken-out-ridge - The hardest part, seemingly, is actually the initial moves onto the ridge, some kind of step over an exposed gap or something. Afterwards, staying on the crest as much as possible is best, noting the way previous climbers had gone around particular difficulties. The descent to the saddle (which I had thought was the hardest part) doesn't sound so bad, it might be possible to bypass (?!, maybe if snow is very low???) and anyways the holds are large and solid, even if hard to see.

Significant snow cover would change things, but we ought to be past that. Notice, when you read the trip reports, the time of year, when noting conditions.


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