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Iowa Highpoint - Hawkeye Point - 1670 ft

4 June 2005, 8:30 am.  Highpoint #19.
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On 3 June, after arriving in Sibley, IA for the evening, I made the short trip to Ocheyedan Mound.  This grassy hill, deposited by ancient glaciers, was once thought to be the highpoint of Iowa until an improved survey showed that the Sterler farm was the true highpoint.  This small hill, more of an obvious summit than Hawkeye Point, was well defended by ticks. 

Ocheyedan Mound.

The next morning, in light rain, I made the equally short trip to the Sterler farm, parked next to the barn, walked to the end of the cattle trough, and tagged the highpoint of Iowa.  There are quite a number of license plates decorating the highpoint now.  I signed the register, doing my best to keep it dry, and headed off towards Illinois. 

The highpoint is at the end of the trough, where the license plates are displayed.  There is a granite marker there, also.


Highpointers should contact the owner, Donna Sterler, at (712) 754-2045 to request access permission.  Don't visit late.  Sadly, Merill Sterler, who was well known as an extremely friendly owner, passed away in 2004.


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