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Georgia Highpoint - Brasstown Bald - 4784 ft

1 Dec 2004.  Highpoint #12.
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I hiked from Jacks Gap, on the Jacks Knob trail.  The trailhead is right where the 180-spur road breaks off the main 180 road for the drive-up route to the summit.  The trail, about 5.5 miles round-trip with 1750 feet of elevation gain, is marked with light blue blazes.  Many of the blazes were pretty faded, however.  Despite the plentiful markings, I managed to make an immediate wrong left turn onto an old dirt road.  This was the first summit of this trip where I saw anybody along the way, as well as the first one with good views.  There were a few people who did the drive-up, as well as some workers renovating the building at the top.  The weather was clear and cool, perfect for walking.  Signs at the trailhead warned hikers to wear blaze orange (it was hunting season), so I got to wear my super-cool orange hat.

There are some other hiking trails that you can take to the summit as well.  The Jacks Gap walk sounded like the easiest one to find, so I picked that one.

Views from the summit.

Me on the summit, with uber-cool hat.

Observation tower on the summit, seen from the drive-up parking lot.

Frost on plants near the top.