References for Element Photos and Information

Some photos and information from the links below are used on each elements page, usually without a specific reference.  The links below are often used for several different elements.  Some pages do have some extra references, when related particularly to that element.  I didn't really ask permission to use many of these photos.  If any of the photos are yours, and you would like them removed, please contact me and I will oblige.

Online Periodic Tables - An excellent site, in German.  One of the best sources for more recent actinide pictures. - Many of the photos reference Dr. A. Kronenberg at Los Alamos.
Prof James Marshall's (U. North Texas, USA) Walking Tour of the elements CD. - My favorite online periodic table, in English. - The Wooden Periodic Table Table. - Images of  Tc, Np, Pu metal.

Glen Seaborg

The Berkeley Lab image archive of Glenn Seaborg has many excellent images, particularly of transuranium compounds, the discovers themselves, and equipment. - Seaborg image archive - Links to discoverers photos

Man-Made Transuranium Elements.  Glenn T. Seaborg.  Prentice-Hall, 1963. - This wonderful little book is packed with information about the actinide elements, and has some good photos of early compounds.  One of my best ever Half-Price finds!

LIFE Science Library

Matter.  By Ralph E. Lapp and the editors of LIFE.  LIFE Science Library, 1965. - This book has a nice visual periodic table with pictures of most all the elements possible, including the radioactive ones.  Various versions of scans from this book can be found on the internet.  The later actinides may have been updated since the copy of the book I have, I have seen some newer photos (Cm, Bk, Cf, Es) also attributed to LIFE.  In several cases, this 40 year old book still has the best pictures I can find!

Some of the sources of scans from the above: - Nice thumbnail sized scans. - Newer actinide scans. - Also a picture of Pu. - A science information database, with scans in the entries for the transuranium elements.

Other Radiochemistry Links - Radiochemistry society online - Gamma ray spectra of several elements, including some of the transuranics. - Fabrication of U and Np buttons, in Japanese.

Google Language Tools - Google Language Tools are invaluable to me for understanding web pages that are not in English!

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