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My name is Mark Kness, and lately I have entertained myself by following the University of Texas soccer team.  When that hasn't given me enough excuses to travel around the country, I have resorted to Highpointing, that is, trying to get to the highest point in each state.  (I have 42 so far.)  Even more oddly, perhaps, I am attempting to build a collection of all the chemical elements.  I made a 'virtual' collection of photos of some of the impossible ones here.

I'm the one on the left.  The guy on the right is scotch-taped closed.

If you wish to email me, I can be reached at mkness@alumni.utexas.net.  I can also be sometimes found as pantone159 on HornFans and BigSoccer, when it comes to Texas soccer related stuff.

P.S.  Neither I nor this webpage has any official relation to the University of Texas or the soccer team.  I just like them, so I made my own webpage.

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