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2007 Texas Soccer roster
Official 2007 Texas Roster

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2007 players

1 Stef Connors
2 Kirsten Birkhold
3 Brooke Lee
4 Jill Gilbeau
5 Kendall Campise
6 Greta Carter
7 Caitlin Kennedy
8 Dianna Pfenninger
9 Christina Vaughn
10 Stephanie Logterman
11 Niki Arlitt
12 Alisha Ortiz
13 Kelsey Carpenter
14 Kasey Moore
15 Leslie Imber
16 Rachel Stepp
17 Kate Nicholson
18 Megan Upah
19 Erica Campanelli
20 Casey Mogk
21 Emily Anderson
22 Stephanie Gibson
23 Courtney Gaines
25 Jordan Godbolt
33 Liz Couch

Coaching staff

Head Coach

Chris Petrucelli

Assistant Coach Matthew Mott
Assistant Coach Nicole Nelson
Volunteer Assistant Coach Jen Renola

Incoming Recruits

2007 Class
Niki Arlitt
Kirsten Birkhold
Erica Campanelli
Kendall Campise
Stef Connors
Liz Couch
Courtney Gaines
Jordan Godbolt
Brooke Lee
Kate Nicholson
Alisha Ortiz
Rachel Stepp

Former players and coaches


Avery Allen
Amy Burlingham
Priscilla Fite
Ashley Foster
Yobel Gaski
Karen Haight
Dana Hall

Carrie Schmit

Tracey Whitley


Melissa Adrouny
Julie Gailey
Erin Davis
Callie Raymond
Kelly Lindsey
Greg Sheen


Nicole Breger
Charisse Co
Lauren Field
Alex Gagarin
Laura Kram
Kelly McDonald
Christy Perkins
Kristen Teter
Nikki Thaden
Kelly Wilson-Schmedes
Neil McGuire
Tim Chestney


Lerrin Biggers
Emily Candee
Darci Carruthers
Christina Fanuzzi
Sonya Lee
Vanessa Martinez
Kati McBain
Kelly Pflugner
Stefanie Vollmer
Tony Capasso
Jen Renola


Lindsey Dornseif
Jessica Hopkins-Brost
Kelly Huddleston
Courtney Miles
Mary Nelson
Monica Sola
Michelle Wickwire
Kylee Wosnuk
Colleen Zea
Jennifer Zieky


Amber Cornwell
Abby Gutowski
Kate Harrison
Melissa Rubey
Shay Wilkerson

2000 and before

Katie Baruth
Carol Finch
Haley Hauptman
Cherisse Heep
Alanna Makinano
Bonnie McAuliffe
Valerie Page
Nicole Ramirez
Jaime Strong
Cami Varnadore

Team Photos

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Fans etcetera

Texas Soccer Hooligans
More Fans
Clive Charles
Jenna Cooper

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