2009 Recruit - Leah Fortune

Club - Eclipse Select
Wheaton Academy, West Chicago IL

Leah was born, to American parents, in Sao Paolo, Brazil. She has played for the Brazil U-20 team, and is a practictioner of the flip-throw, which seems to be called "Cambalhota Mortal" in Portuguese. (The flip-throw in was previously seen at UT from Lerrin Biggers.) With her Brazilian roots, she gets to pick a single word nom de guerre, and goes by 'Leah'.

YouTube links if the following not-quite-correct embedded videos do not work...

Fortune stars for Brazil U-20s
Leah Fortune is getting the world with her "Cambalhota Mortal"
More than just good Fortune

Many sources list Leah as committed to Clemson, but I have information that she is instead coming to Austin. (Hopefully this is correct!)

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