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2007 National Team Updates
Information and news about Texas players (current, former or future) playing for their national teams.

USA U-21 National Team

Official USA WU-21 National Team Website

24 Jul 2007 - The USA U-21 team won the Nordic Cup tournament in Finland.  Both Kelsey Carpenter and Stephanie Logterman started the two group matches, both 1-0 wins against Norway and Sweden, and both played in the 4-0 win in final against Germany.  The trip started with a 5-0 warm-up win against a Finnish team, FC Sports, with Kelsey claiming one of those five.  (The US Soccer story for the final had a 'Photo Gallery' link, but I couldn't find any U-21 photos there.)

While in Finland, Longhorns Kelsey Carpenter and Stephanie Logterman set home several e-postcards...
Postcard from Finland : July 13
Postcard from Finland : July 15
Postcard from Finland : July 19
Postcard from Finland : July 22
Postcard from Finland : July 23
Postcard from Finland : July 24

3 Jul 2007 - Coach Bill Irwin has named the roster that will travel to Finland for the Nordic Cup tournament, which is now a U-23 competition.  Both Kelsey Carpenter and Stephanie Logterman are on the roster, and will head to Finland with the team on 12 July, for the tournament which takes place from 18 July to 24 July.

5 Jun 2007 - The U-21 team is running a trailing camp from 6 Jun to 13 Jun, in preparation for the Nordic Cup tournament from 12 July to 25 July, in Finland.  Both Stephanie Logterman and Kelsey Carpenter are part of this camp.  Coach Bill Irwin says that this group is close to the roster that will travel to Finland, but includes a few players still trying to earn a spot, while missing a few also in the running.  I'd guess is that Logterman has a spot sewn up while Carpenter is trying to earn one, based on how often the two have been part of these camps in the past.

Meanwhile, the U-21 team won their first two games in Germany, 4-1 over FC Gutersloh, and 5-2 over Essen-Schnebeck.  No word on results of the third game.

14 May 2007 - The U-21 team, this time including Stephanie Logterman, will head to Germany for three matches against German women's club teams, namely Gutersloh on 22 May, SG Essen-Schnebeck on 24 May, and 07 Bad Neuenahr on 26 May.  After this trip, next up for the U-21 squad will be a camp in Portland, OR during 6-13 June.

28 Apr 2007 - The USA U-21 team has to settle for second place, after falling to the Canadian Olympic Development Team on penalty kicks, after a 0-0 draw.  The US had more chances during regular play, but continued to miss open shots.  Stephanie Logterman played the entire game, while Kelsey Carpenter started and played 70 minutes.

24 Apr 2007 - Kelsey Carpenter picked up another goal for the U-21 team, this time against the full Trinidad & Tobago team, en route to a 2-0 win for the USA.  Angie Woznuk had the other goal for the US, and also set up Kelsey for her score.  The USA team started the game poorly, with a lack of intensity and poor finishing.  Carpenter and Stephanie Logterman both did not start the game, but instead entered in the 34th minute.  The USA will now play either Argentina (full team) or the Canada Olympic Development Team in the championship on 28 Apr.  USA coach Bill Irwin promises that the group he puts out for the final game will work their tails off.

22 Apr 2007 - Kelsey Carpenter scored a goal in the second half, to contribute to a solid 2-0 win over the Chinese U-21 team.  The USA team controlled the game, helped in part by strong play by the defense, which included Stephanie Logterman, but the offense missed some good first half chances, however, finally putting the game away in the second half.  The USA U-21 team will next play Trinidad & Tobago, and a win there would put them in the championship game.

USA's Kelsey Carpenter scored the first goal for USA past China goalie Chi Xiao Hui. USA won 2-0.
Photos by Linda Stelter, from

21 Apr 2007 - Kelsey Carpenter and Stephanie Logterman are joining the U-21 team for the 2007 Futbol Internacional Tournament, in Alabama.
The six team tournament has two groups, the USA is in group A, and will face the Chinese U-21 team on 22 Apr, and then the full Trinidad & Tobago team on 24 Apr.  Group B is composed of the Mexican U-21 team, the Canadian ODT team, and the full Argentine national team.  The Group A and Group B winners will play for the championship on 28 Apr, similarly the second and third place group finishers will play for third and fifth place, also on 28 Apr.

18 Mar 2007 - The U-21 team easily won all three games against the English teams that they faced, although the English national team players were mostly missing.

5 Mar 2007 - Stephanie Logterman will travel to England with the U-21 team, for a few games against English teams.  On 13 Mar, the U-21 team will face the Blackburn Ladies, on 14 Mar the Everton Ladies, and on 15 Mar the Leeds Ladies.

13 Feb 2007 - For the first U-21 training camp of the year, Longhorn players Dianna Pfenninger, Kasey Moore and Stephanie Logterman were called up.

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