Some Interesting Chemistry Experiments

The following are some interesting chemistry experiments that you can do at home.  Most of the required chemicals can be found at the grocery store.

Vitamin C Clock

Two clear and colorless solutions are mixed.  The mixture remains clear and colorless at first, but after about 30 seconds, the mixture abruptly and dramatically changes to dark blue-black.  The time delay can be changed by varying the amount of water used to prepare the solutions.  Reactions such as this one that result in a delayed but sudden change are often called "clock" reactions.  All the chemicals needed for this experiment can be found at the grocery store.

Aggie Curse

The Aggies of Texas A&M University are a rival to the Longhorns of the University of Texas.  Since the Longhorns compete with the Aggies so often (e.g. in sports) it is helpful to destroy any lurking spirits of Aggies that lurk nearby.  If you attend any sporting event in Austin, TX, between the Texas Longhorns and the Texas A&M Aggies, you will likely see hordes maroon-clad fans, coming out of the woodwork.  Clearly, there are plenty of Aggie spirits around here.  (After all, who would want to live in College Station?)  This experiment is a 'magic' trick to, first trap these lurking Aggie sprits, and then to destroy them, thus making the world safe for decent humankind.

The demonstration starts with five different clear, colorless solutions.  One of these is poured into a large container.  Next, two of the colorless solutions are mixed to form a white mixture.  This white mixture is poured into the large container, which suddenly turns red-purple.  Next, the two remaining colorless solutions are mixed, resulting in a black mixture.  This black mixture is poured into the container with the colored mixture.  Fizzing and bubbling results, and the black, white and color all disappear, resulting in a clear, colorless solution.


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