101 - Mendelevium

Saint Petersburg University Department of Chemistry official lapel pin.
This is as close to a sample of mendelevium as I am ever going to get.

Original data sheet, showing stylus tracing and notes, from a spontaneous fission
recording system, that proved the discovery of mendelevium. (19 Feb 1955) (1)

Mendelevium: The Way It Was - A reel of black and white film shot nearly 60 years ago has surfaced at Berkeley Lab, depicting the discovery of Mendelevium,
as reenacted by some of the legendary scientists who did the actual work at that time. (2)

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1 - "The Transuranium Elements", G. T. Seaborg, 1958.
2 - 60-Year-Old Film Surfaces, Depicting Discovery of Mendelevium