93 - Neptunium

Neptunium metal. This sample was prepared using a hydrometallurgical method with a mercury cathode. (4)

Neptunium metal button. (1)

Neptunium oxidation states +3 to +7.
Np (III) is violet (similar to promethium).
Np (IV) is yellowish green.
Np (V) is green-blue.
Np (VI) is rose.

Neptunium oxidation states. (3)

Large, high-quality single crystal ingot of NpCoGa5 compound. (4)

Neptunium oxide. (5)

A nickel plated sphere of neptunium, used in an experiment to determine the critical mass of this element. (2)

Synthetic computer generated (fake) image of buttons of neptunium metal. (6)

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