92 - Uranium

Depleted uranium metal.  When exposed to air, a black oxide coating forms on the metal.

Uranium metal button.

Uranium metal.

Uranium shaped as a slug to insert in a nuclear reactor.

Uranium oxidation states +3 through +6.

"Yellow Cake"

Uranium forms many brightly colored minerals, such as this.

Uranium (VI) oxide colors glass yellow, and makes it fluoresce under UV light.

Uranium is also used to color pottery orange.
Before 1940, this two kinds of coloring were considered the only significant use of uranium!

Uranium can also be used in photography.  This print, a photograph of the Nagasaki nuclear bomb explosion, is rendered in uranyl ferricyanide.
http://home.nyc.rr.com/waitaminute/ - Process descriptions, by Blake Ferris

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